TW Charter:

A grand title for a simple document but we wanted to spell out our obligations to you as we see them. This will, of course, be a living document and will be subject to amendment.


1. TriggerWarning is not a democracy, but that doesn’t mean we cannot ever be democratic. Where it is viable to do so we will involve members in decisions that affect the site. Where voting is required it will be carried out via our forums.


2. You will never be discriminated against by TW or its staff for your political beliefs, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, or gender. This is a platform for all, not for the few. We will also never bow to pressure from members to remove any individual based on any of the above.


3. We will always endeavour to avoid banning you wherever possible. We would prefer to talk a situation through with you.


4. We will not look towards arbitrary punishment systems.


5. Your content will be treated no differently to anyone else’s. We will not “shadow ban” any member and we will not hide their content. If you are banned or your content removed you will know why.


6. We will always strive to remain neutral as a platform with little or no editorial stance when it comes to the opinions and postings of our members. The exception would be any TW shows which are often opinion based.


7. Our personal opinions of you, your beliefs, or your opinions will play no part on how we treat you as a member of our site.


If you have any suggestions for our charter please do let us know via the suggestions forum. We’d love to hear from you.