TW Social Rules

Rules, they’re never exciting to read, even less exciting to write, and sometimes they’re a pain in the arse but they exist for a reason. We want to keep TW online and going strong so please help us out by following our simple rules. You’ll notice some rules are repeated in different sections but that was simpler and more clearly understandable than grouping too many together.

General rules:


    This is NEVER alright. Even if the information is freely available out there on the Internet you should never bring someone else’s private info over here. We are determined to have a platform where opinions and ideas can be exchanged without fear of someone setting out to ruin your life because of them. Doxxing is not cool, it’s not clever, and someday it will come back to bite you. This crap is never a one way street.


    You know what’s illegal and what isn’t. If you post it you might get banned. If you post something truly terrible we will most likely hand over whatever information we might have on you to the relevant authorities and you WILL be removed from the network.


    It’s just trouble for us no matter which way you slice it. Please don’t.


    We know some of you will be squinting sideways at us but this is a bit of a grey area. Sometimes graphic media is part of a larger discussion or story and we’ll try to use some common sense when looking at it. If it’s just gore for lulz it might be better off not being posted on a public area of the site.

  5. NO SPAM

    Whether commercial or just spamming a comment or image over and over and over again spam is generally rubbish. If you’ve got a business you love we don’t mind sharing it but do so reasonably.

  6. HATE

    “Hate Speech” is a fairly redundant and overly politicised phrase these days. That being said if you’re advocating any form of hatred which encourages others to harass or harm any group of people you’ll probably be escorted from the premises. Criticism is fine but there is a line and we’re trusting you to know it.


    Please don’t post private messages on public areas of the site. It sucks.

We don’t have any infraction systems or any automated systems whatsoever for banning. Normally we’ll get in touch with you to see if we can sort issues out. To get a straight up ban you’d have to be a spammer or a complete arsehole. 

Last of all, because it’s got to be here, TriggerWarning is a privately owned website and as such reserves the right to remove any user account or content deemed necessary without correspondence. We’ll always try to avoid this but we’re not about to lie to you about it either.

Please ensure you are familiar with our TOS and Charter.