A Funny Thing Happened on YouTube…


We all know about the current shenanigans happening with YouTube and the VoxAdpocalypse and everything else right now, yeah? It’s where conservative YouTubers are being demonetised and people are being booted off the platform. Even the flat earthers look set to suffer (see our video on this very topic should you fancy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0itZEuqz16k&t=11s ).

Thing is, this isn’t about that. We’re not really generating enough traffic on YT for advertising to be a problem for us but that doesn’t mean we aren’t deeply interested in how this all works. This is where George Galloway comes in.

We had a clip from one of the shows where I was less than complimentary about Mr Galloway (go figure!) and we took a hit on subscribers as a result. Given that we are Trigger Warning and not some teat suckling populists eager to kiss the ass of anyone we think might boost our fragile egos and throw some cash at us we decided to double down. Graeme suggested a chat about Israel during our podcast, so it happened. And it was positive, we focused on Israel’s positive points. It wasn’t hateful, it wasn’t withering, it didn’t malign any religion or culture and yet it was apparently very naughty because it was “limited” which is basically demonetised.

So, it seems even positive comments about a country can see you lose your income these days. Granted, as I pointed out above, it doesn’t affect ours. We’re still a small fish in a big old pond, you it could devastate others. Just how fragile are advertisers now that they can’t deal with someone being positive about Israel?

I do realise the market is getting tougher, that it’s harder than ever to generate advertising revenue if you carry edgy media. Things are getting bad. But we’re talking about Alphabet here, a company so huge they could easily negotiate with advertisers and tell the activists to just go away.

I wonder why it isn’t happening? Answers on a postcard please. Oh, and the Israel clip? Here it is, check it out yourself and should you feel the need to unsubscribe please leave a hate message first, it gets us all excited and giddy.


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