A Sense of Sutcliffe

When one considers the Yorkshire Ripper, one thing most readily springs to mind. Cutting-edge fashion. Though Peter was quite rightly chastised for what may be described as errors of judgement in his life, one thing he’s never been guilty of is anything less than effortless grace and having a clinical eye (sadly, nowadays, literally) for the debonaire.

Peter was and still is a dedicated wearer of the full range of head hair: from the immaculately sculptured beard and ‘tache mezzo volto¬†mask to his bouffant scalp statement piece, his head is both practical and a post-modern fascinator for the gregarious traveller.

Note Pete’s widow’s peak – a satirical hairy riposte to his critics

Always willing to go further than his contemporaries, Sutcliffe engineered a toothpick-based winch to gradually lever his front teeth apart, thus creating a semi-relaxed demeanour, even when dealing with serious matters at hand.

Showing his jokey side, complete with flaccid bow tie

Though fashion trends were slow to pick up on Sutcliffe’s renegade look, some observers were keen to report their first impressions to the authorities, given that many fashion houses were ex-directory.

Though somewhat a crude presentation, an excited public immediately took to “a sense of Sutcliffe”

Never standing still, Sutcliffe experimented with accessories, with the work tool of the common man being one of the casual nods to his pre-fame life. Today, it’s impossible to imagine frequenting any wine bar or alley without one of Sutcliffe’s trademark belt decorations

Though now rarely seen on catwalks, Sutcliffe continues to go where others fear to tread – his latest look shows his hair to be modelled in the rococo style, straddling the fine line between mental chaos and rakish fop. Isn’t it time the world woke up to a sense of Sutcliffe?

Is it a dignified member of Louis XVI’s court? No, it’s the Yorkshire Ripper.



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