Facebook and why there’s no point in moaning.

I’ve been seeing quite a bit of moaning about Facebook recently in regards to their “organic reach” situation and how annoyed people are and I don’t mind admitting that I’m rather confused as to why people are moaning. It seems Facebook are running a trial in a couple of countries where your timeline will only … Read moreFacebook and why there’s no point in moaning.

Only the feels matter: Shutting down debate.

After one of my usual forays into Twitter there was the expected response of butthurt, insults, accusations, and the like. Even some casual racism based on me being white and middle aged (though I’m reliably informed you can’t be racist towards white people so that’s okay). But none of that really troubles me, after all … Read moreOnly the feels matter: Shutting down debate.

Nazis, Nazis everywhere!

There’s a war brewing on the streets of America. It’s not a race war, it’s not an invasion by a foreign state, and it isn’t North against South. No, it’s apparently “Nazis” versus “Fascists” and it’s also so bloody predictable. I’ve made my feelings clear about ANTIFA before now (see the video HERE) so we’ll … Read moreNazis, Nazis everywhere!

I want to hurt you.

“Why do you think violent videos should be shown?” “Why do you think racists should be heard and not silenced?” “Why aren’t you doing more to protect Trans people” “Why aren’t you stopping people seeing these videos from the middle east?” “Why won’t you be a good corporate citizen” WHY DON’T YOU FIX THE WORLD? … Read moreI want to hurt you.