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Going Viral – Where Have All the Funny Diseases Gone?

It’s World Rabies Day today, a disease which was once on the tip of everyone’s tongue, in all senses, but now feels rather like discussing the Black Death as a cause for everyone to immediately flee for the hills. The old television adverts of the 70s and 80s, along with their papery cousins, were quite … Read moreGoing Viral – Where Have All the Funny Diseases Gone?

Human Champions – Part 1

The first in perhaps a staggeringly short series of reminiscences of human beings who have entertained through adversity or appalled through misguided entertainment. We hail these people as giants, those of such heroic idiocy that neither time nor tide has withered the disdain we hold for them. First up, a reminder of The Natural Law … Read moreHuman Champions – Part 1

Nazis, Nazis everywhere!

There’s a war brewing on the streets of America. It’s not a race war, it’s not an invasion by a foreign state, and it isn’t North against South. No, it’s apparently “Nazis” versus “Fascists” and it’s also so bloody predictable. I’ve made my feelings clear about ANTIFA before now (see the video HERE) so we’ll … Read moreNazis, Nazis everywhere!

I want to hurt you.

“Why do you think violent videos should be shown?” “Why do you think racists should be heard and not silenced?” “Why aren’t you doing more to protect Trans people” “Why aren’t you stopping people seeing these videos from the middle east?” “Why won’t you be a good corporate citizen” WHY DON’T YOU FIX THE WORLD? … Read moreI want to hurt you.

Is Cannibalism Kosher?

News is filtering through from South Africa that a cannibalism ring has been uncovered. Of the many rings reported by the news channels, cannibalism is way, way ahead of Saturn’s, Olympic and a-roses in terms of entertainment value. Evidence is relatively strong, given a verbal confession from the resident witch doctor, a decapitated body and … Read moreIs Cannibalism Kosher?

A Sense of Sutcliffe

When one considers the Yorkshire Ripper, one thing most readily springs to mind. Cutting-edge fashion. Though Peter was quite rightly chastised for what may be described as errors of judgement in his life, one thing he’s never been guilty of is anything less than effortless grace and having a clinical eye (sadly, nowadays, literally) for … Read moreA Sense of Sutcliffe