If you need to get in touch with us this is how you do it! Please keep the following in mind though:

  1. We’re not looking for weight loss or erectile dysfunction drugs. We don’t know how you found out about our “little issues” but damn you for exploiting them!
  2. This isn’t LiveLeak support. Hayden is a co-founder of LiveLeak but it’s believed he has a life outside of it. Probably.
  3. You agree that if you send us a mail where you’re crying, angry, threatening, or abusive, we can post it on the site. We’ll remove all your personal info though, nobody needs to be doxxed.
  4. If you’re complaining about anything we’ve posted on social media that’s fine. If you’re complaining about anything Hayden’s posted on social media you’re probably best off not bothering.
  5. Please be patient. We have a busy schedule of sitting around, playing on the PS4, eating pringles, and catching up on our favourite shows on Pornhub. We can’t just drop everything FFS!