Dominic Cummings is more punk than you


Let’s get something straight. Dominic Cummings is WAY more punk than you are or will ever be. Sure, you think he’s just some arch Tory but he isn’t, he is so much more than that and you should be giving him the props he deserves rather than trying to tear the man down. Not that he cares though, he’s punk. What you think doesn’t matter.
First of all this BREXIT business. Yeah, you say he lied to sway the public into leaving an institution you claim is somehow good for us. Given you’re probably some kind of far left loser let’s clarify. The EU is an authoritarian regime of un-elected people ruling our lives. You like that because you’re BETA cucks who need someone to tell you where to squat and lean. But I digress, you see it that way but it’s the wrong take. He’s kicking against the pricks. He’s taking the fight to the man in the interests of Anarchy and a smaller government. He’s fighting the power for all of us.

Next up, Covid 19. How much more punk could he possibly be? Live fast, die young, and leave a beautiful corpse. Getting old is for losers, get out there, live your life, be productive and pay lots of tax then drop dead from the Wuhan AIDS before you become a burden on society. That’s crazy punk. None of this assisted living, none of your “Oh, I have asthma so I can’t do anything”. Fuck that, smoke cigarettes and get out there to catch a deadly flu. It’s good for the country. It’s punk.

As if any more proof were actually needed look at this latest situation. He did break lock down and drive hundreds of miles for an eye test. So what? He’s on the inside breaking the rules he helped create. He’s showing us that it’s so easy to make rules that keep us down, stifle our freedoms and individuality, to completely crush our free spirit. Thing is, it’s easy to stick two fingers up to the establishment also and just do whatever you want. Fuck them, they aren’t the boss of you. You might catch Covids and infect an elderly relative but they probably didn’t want to live as a burden to you anyway. Dominic is showing us the way.

Last of all, the man hired a fan of Eugenics to be a civil servant. He put the call out for people who were “weird” and thought “outside of the box” and then hired a white nationalist nutcase. Fucking ROCK AND ROLL!
So you carry on with your partisan bullshit. You know you wouldn’t have acted like this if it turned out Jeremy Corbyn nipped out to his local “Befriend a Jihadist and curse the terrorist state of Israel” meeting. That would have ben okay, right? So look past the party politics, look past so called “logic”, and accept that Dominic Cummings is punk. So much more punk than you.



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