Film maker’s diversity checklist?

It seems nothing escapes the attention of our outrage gatekeepers at The Independent (you know, used to be a news paper but kind of failed and now it’s a website). The scrape the barrel so often we’re kind of surprised there’s any wood left and today we’re left thinking they’re digging into the dirt underneath. You see, there’s a big problem guys. A massive, huge, festering boil of a problem in Hollywood. No, not the dreadful pricks assaulting women desperate to break into the industry, it’s worse than that. Yes, Marvel films lack…DIVERSITY.

How can we possibly have a film where the correct quotas aren’t attained. Granted we aren’t sure what the quotas should be and, in all honesty, we kind of know no matter what’s done it would never be enough but it seems Avengers Endgame just had too many men in it. Probably CIS men too, which is even worse!


We get it, outrage gets clicks. But in this day and age it generates more outrage and once it’s loose in the various bubbles online it gains momentum. All of a sudden there’s a shitstorm on Twitter and for reasons nobody can ever understand people think there’s actually a problem and act on it.

As usual the rest of us groan and facepalm as hard as our stinging skin will allow. Films are products, they exist not to appease anyone but to make money. They’re also someone’s artistic vision, in the case of Marvel movies they’re a glorious, IMAX 3D, interpretation of well loved comic books and in those comics there just weren’t as many female superheroes. Sorry! There also wasn’t much in the way of trans heroes or gay heroes. It wasn’t bigotry it’s just the fact that sexuality in comics is absolutely fucking irrelevant and people seem to enjoy superheroes who are blokes.

After decades of censorship, oppression and erasure, why are directors so insistent on only the vaguest, most tenuous references to queerness?

The Independent – Some outraged author loving the clickbait

Yes, they tried making Thor a lady but it didn’t really pan out. It’s also insulting to women in my opinion “Oh, we’ll just make an established character a woman to appease people”. Write strong women or gay or whatever character and see if it gains traction, do it yourself, make it happen. Don’t just sit and moan until someone who genuinely doesn’t care gets paid enough to do it for you.

Oh, and in the article which I link below they complain about Marvel’s “gay erasure”. I could literally cry at the dishonesty of this phrase and the smug, self satisfied, nature of it all. Erasing what wasn’t there because in the real world not everyone thinks about gay people all the time. I don’t recall a religious Jewish super hero either, wonder why?

If you want more diversity then write it. But incessantly complaining and getting your own way on this one isn’t going to make movies any better and will doubtless see them doing worse at the box office. Why? Because the dreadfully miserable, authoritarian arseholes who bang on about this sort of nonsense don’t go and watch fun movies anyway. They’re too busy getting approval in their bubbles to enjoy themselves.

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