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Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes...

Hello all,

We're going to be making some pretty big changes to the platform fairly soon so we thought we'd clue you guys in. Trigger Warning will still be continuing as a show (or shows) but as a platform the guys want to expand the idea and open more doors with it.

What does it mean for you guys in the forums? Well, if you only use the forms and nothing else the only thing that will change for you is the name of the site and the logo up at the top. We're keeping the forums exactly as they are and your accounts will remain untouched. Just log in as usual and GO.

The new site will be called and if we're honest it won't be massively different to TW as is, it will just have a little more scope for writing, UGC, and suchlike.

Any questions, fire away. Failing that the worst that COULD happen is during changeover we could lose 1 or 2 days of posts. We'll try to avoid this but it's not always possible.


Another step up H, well done sir! I'll follow you and yours, because you allow me to speak freely, without repercussion or exploitation.

Cool as that main site LL is completely fucked up.

At least this part is OK.