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Death penalty in US.

Should the death penalty be painful etc.
Yes..bastards deserve it.
No..still kill them but painlessly
Never to the death penalty it doesnt deter.

So they are executing again this week after 17yrs...lethal injection..lots have a problem with that because of the suffering caused by these daft can last a fair agony etc..

Why not just do what hospices do..overdose of morpheine..its cheap..its quick..and nobody can moan about suffering..

YES..the cunt will die easier than most people will..but hes gone..and that is the point as far as i am concerned..

If you cant do a China and sentence them then straight off for a bullet..then might alleviate some of the concerned voices.

Watcha reckon? me as POTUS..

Fuck them. Think of the horrors they inflicted on those they killed.

The last moments of those peoples lives was sheer terror.

Fuck those fuckers. Set them on fire in a pit and piss on them while they scurry around down there screaming and burning.

Thats a bit naughty. I disagree..if you act as bad as become the same..take them out the back and shoot them..all done and dusted..Your version is what Isis etc did..we didnt condone made us mad..doing it ourselves?

Maybe i am a bigger cunt than i used to be but i think..if we wont let the freinds/relatives kill the has to be done quick..get them out of the way..just gone..

In ancient times..if you commited a crime that was so were tied and pushed down into a bog..nobody should have to see you because of your disgustingness..regular criminals were executed above ground..they commited crimes that were understandable but of course wrong..lets say killing in a fight etc..killing sickos by putting them out of sight..underground..maybe we should reinstate that.

The death penalty is ridiculous. It’s ridiculously expensive, far too commonly given to the wrong person and worst of all, it’s done for the wrong reason.

For example... A person is murdered. The partner of the murdered person as an act of revenge, kills the killer and his/her family as an act of revenge. That killer is then sentenced to death for premeditated murder. Are you really going to try and justify that state sponsored killing, which is only an act of revenge to quell the anger of the outraged, is more just than what the revengeful killer did?

Complete fucking nonsense.

With todays can prove beyond any cases like that..i am for the death penalty..not how the yanks do it..thats always been fucked up..bullet back of head..would be cheap and quick.

Cases that are 100% provable..the killers of Lee Rigby..both on film..with hundreds of witnesses.



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