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Log Out

It appears there's an issue with logging out at the moment. We'll take a look through this tomorrow and see if we can locate the issue tomorrow and get it sorted out.

Since I didn't want to start a new thread and this topic is sorta close to my question, I'll put it here.

Since I don't have and won't get a wordpress account, since I have no real use for a website, I have to log in twice.

The first login says it's verifying I'm not a robot (which is fine with me), then it takes me to a second login.

Is this something to do with TW being in BETA, or is this permanent?

It's not really a hassle for me, it's just I have a long and complicated password that takes some hunting and pecking on the keyboard.

Otherwise the site works great. Oh one other thing...When do you think TW will come out of BETA testing?

It should be a temporary issue. We'll be in Beta for quite a while until all the features are implemented and settled. Still a lot of things to come on the site.

Just logged in....only once! Damn guys...when you fix a user concern,  you f**k**g fix a user concern!

That's why I keep following, if you know what I mean.

Oh, by the way, do you accept PayPal????

(Insert appropriate smiley)


We do, we just haven't put up all the donate or subscribe features yet. Just having a couple of issues which we have our host and another company looking at with us and installing a points system. It's on the cards though.

Well, f**k me. Last few log-ins had to log in twice. Guess I spoke too soon.

I'm just GLAD to be able to log IN! Dammit, third time I've reg'd with the exact same creds I've always used, back to LL in 2004.

Thank GOD I had a WordPress blog LONG before THAT was cool and the Google acquisition.