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On Saturday November 2nd 2019 TW will be hosting the very first TW:MeatSpace event here in Manchester. As well as broadcasting live shows with the audience we'll be ensuring there is a strong free speech element to the event and plenty of time to indulge in topics NOT suitable for broadcast.

There will be guests and a special live version of Safe Space where people in the hot seat have to talk about a topic for one minute as if they truly believe in it. If you're a patron you might have seen us do this before and you know just how much potential for fun and shame there is.

More information will be released in the coming days and tickets will be going on sale later this week. If you're planning on travelling to Manchester and staying over we'll ensure you know where you're going and everything else and if you're arriving on the Friday night we can all go out for some beers and bullshit.

The location will be at our studio so space will be limited but we hope you can join us for a whole evening (and possibly early morning) of carnage, depravity, and shouting at clouds.



Thinking about coming as Manchester is nearly as cool as Liverpool. Would you recommend getting a city centre place or somewhere near the TW shack?

City centre. The Studio is only about 1 mile out at most.

Im going to come for a few beers so will need to stop over.  Any hotels near or any where I can throw a tent up. Cheers.

Not sure about tents but there a lots of hotels to choose from. Ideally would be somewhere close to the Northern Quarter.