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Post a funny pic . . .


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Sold rice


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Jesus Nox. Nobody (outside of the USA) finds American politics interesting or funny. It’s very unfunny to watch massive corruption in action, which I suppose is ironic in its humour especially when spouted as a superior standpoint. You make yourself look a bit daft with the political shite.

Just so you know, I haven’t a single opinion on Yank politics. I take the usual British approach of tutting and rolling my eyes whilst calling you a cunt under my breath.



Obviously you dont get around much because the conservative version of Twitter, Parler, is jammed packed with Brits.

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all talking politics

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Marburg Virus.  80% who got it died.

Sudan Ebola. 70% died.

Rabies. With no quick treatment your ass is dead.

AIDS has killed over 32 million.

When Smallpox was around 90% died in some areas.

HPS 36% dead.

Regular flu. 500,000 die a year and when the Spanish flu hit 50 million died.

Rotavirus killed half a million. Vaccine for it now.

MERs killed 25% of anyone who caught it.

Covid 19 kills about 2.3% if you are sickly or real old. Otherwise don't worry too much.

Around 800,000 have died since last year from it mostly in third world countries. China will not report how many there..