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Random Thoughts

H - I don't use facebook anymore, ever since I've been getting telemarketing calls 5 times a week or more from them selling my metrics to amazon aarp and others. I don't use data on my phone so these idiots don't realize I don't see their download and I quickly delete them. But all it takes is 1 or 2 percent response for them to make money.  I doubt I have a twitter account anymore since they got rid of dormant accounts. I only posted twice on it when I opened the account and that was years ago.

Dan - It's not as bad as the press is making it out to be. I grew up during the '60's and '70's and saw first hand much worse. The big difference is the rhetoric being used today because of the hate crime and incitement laws. Also, as I have always said, be very careful - even skeptical of the statistics and charts being used. It's easy to lie with statistics, and most people don't have the ability or resources to see the through to the sample base, formulas and weights used.

The house flipper should have torn down the house next door when he bought it. Been almost a year now and they're still working on it. Told them that place had some serious problems with the foundation, drainage, septic field, etc. etc. Got no sympathy for 'em.


It’s not statistics that are the problem as far as I can see BB. You have a tantrum prone child at the helm and everyone carries a camera at all times. The combination of these two things alone means that if things don’t change, you are going to have some very unhappy people and it’s going to be a large portion of the population.

My corona beard (yes that’s a very convenient excuse) has developed a ponytail. I really have taken my dislike of shaving to a new high.

I am still raging about farty towels and league of gentlemen being axed from existence by bbc and netflix etc... The character of major is fantastic and a great representation of old attitudes and dies a great job of satirising them. As for league of gentlemen I am aghast that they are trying to pretend it never aired. Is one of my favourite shows of all time.  Your my wife now.

As basil says “this is exactly how nazi Germany started”.

Good comedy always offends someone, even sheep shagging taffs like me. Love it.

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Don't feel too bad gregg. In this politically correct revisionist world all us whitey honky crackers are evil racist.

10 Most Racist Tv Shows Ever

kinda fitting at the minute.


With all the rain I did not mow for two weeks.

Got that done this weekend. Was tall as fuck.

Got the rest of the tree limbs out to the curb to be picked up. I was surprised they took it all. There was at least three loads and they took it all in one go.

Chinese disease is picking up again here. Something like, 100,000 cases here in Florida now. All those fucking morons protesting and shit. Hope they fucking all die.

On base we wear masks and get our temperature checked at least once a day, sometimes twice so it is fairly safe there.  Mostly the very old and already sickly are dying off. Like a bad case of the flu.

I don't watch tv much anymore. My renter, M, hasn't like the broadcast channels since he moved in. week ago he told me to subscribe to cable from the internet service. Got hooked up Friday. Been watching some great movies over the weekend. Problem is I've seen 'em all before. Oh well, nothing new here or there.

Its bastard raining here.

Quote from bran on July 1, 2020, 6:35 am

Its bastard raining here.

Wish it was here. For the last 6 weeks every storm and rain cloud has past my town by. Doesn't matter which direction, there hasn't been a worthy rain cloud.