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Random Thoughts

That ain't cricket...ya wankers

Tried to delete my main site LiveLeak account again. Still cannot.

They let cannot say cunt spam the fuck out of it but block me for cussing the goddamn mutherfucking cunt ass mods for reporting his ass many times and them for not doing a goddamn fucking thing about him or other spammers.

The site I and many others moved to deleted him and the other spammers when they tried their fucking shit there.

just saying.

I can't log into my LL acout no more. Looks like it's not excisting. When i log in i remain a guest.

You are not a spammer so they do not want you there.


haven't logged into my LL account...for over a year, maybe more. Ever since the hack and the loss of the forums, LL has lost it's appeal to me. Oh well, shit happens.

Sorry I've not been around lately. I've been learning a hard lesson about dieding without a will. The court will financially punish anyone who comes before it. Gotta pay 1% court fee, post a 100% surety bond and have insurance on that bond too. M has an estate worth about $10 grand, so the family and I have to pay $11,500, with not guarantee any moneys back. Got 60 days to dispose of the estate and have bookkeeping to show the court. But all it takes is a fickle judge and it's all gone, with no appeal.  Been talking to M's family this last week and they all agree it's not worth it. So they're gonna come up the next few weeks and take what they want. Anything left I'll sell off. The locked bank account has just enough to pay off the hospital and doctors, so we'll let their lawyers fight over it. His car I'll take to a friends place and hid it for about 6 months then file an abandoned title for it.

I truly believe what Shakespeare said in Romeo and Juliet 'Kill all the lawyers, kill them tonight!'

Then what Bill Bob Carter said 'Then we'll truly be free!'


That is fucked up.


I contacted the main site on their link.

I posted this to see if my main site account can be deleted.

Fuck them fuckers..


Why not let me delete my account.
You goddamn nigger loving faggot ass fucking mooslam loving nigger mutherfuckers can suck a dick.
I would beat the shit out of you niggers if I ever met you,
I have been here since the start of Liveleak. I and many others have left because of you nigger cocksuckers.
Let me delete my account you fucking cocksucker faggot nigger mooslam queer fucking coward bitch ass weak punk ass ass beat down bitches.


damn, Moe...Goin' crusader jihadist proud boy antifa on us? Talk about hitting all the trigger points! I love it! Missed a few though: Carmichael saying 'kill whitey, kill pigs', and Angela Davis saying 'all those who won't join us in our Marxist/Leninism.....should die.' Any way..........

Over the last 2 months, 5 0f the 6 battery operated motors I own have gone bad. The only one still good is  my f-150 truck. The Infiniti battery is $200, the 2 mowers and tiller batteries are $90 a piece, with a recycle fee of 15 to 20% and tax of 10% each...that's close to a  $1000. F**k me!

Fall has finally broken out here. gonna hav'ta bring the plants in soon. Got too many for the room I have, gonna hav'ta get rid of some of them.

Fuck the main site. Bunch of fucks.

I voted.


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Quote from Blits on September 7, 2020, 4:53 am

I can't log into my LL acout no more. Looks like it's not excisting. When i log in i remain a guest.

True, I tried....same here


It is fucked. If you are not a spammer or spam bot then they do not want you there.

Go to the new site if you want to poke about and look at vids.

So I see that you have not died from that stupid Flu. I have not either. The news here acts like we have to wear a fucking space suit to go outside.

Some places in England will apparently fine people thousands of dollars.