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Random Thoughts

I remember the days of the bin....were harsh but we had a daddy protecting us and taking care, calling us out to become better and behave with respect.

Quote from Hayden Hewitt on November 12, 2020, 9:48 am
Quote from Dan on October 24, 2020, 6:28 pm

No posts for a week. It’s a shame really, laters all. I’ll miss most of you.

Nowadays if it isn't Twitter or Facebook most folks don't check out other places (I'm as guilty as anyone I suppose). It's a shame, I need to start shouting about it more.

H, I've always hated these mass data sites. I left twitter and Facebook many years ago but they still sell my data. I get over 5 to 8 each week. It's Amazon, facebook, and google.

Hmmmm, i don't remember quitting Liveleak.

It quit me . . .

I spend most of my time on Parler now . . . Twatter is so far left and PC it's nauseating . . .

Quote from Nox on November 21, 2020, 11:19 pm

Hmmmm, i don't remember quitting Liveleak.

It quit me . . .

LL quit us all, when they gave up the forum. at least H tried to find a place for us. Lets hope it works for all of us!

Just got my property tax bill. Went up another 18%! My one bedroom, one bath, 80 year old, 900 square foot home, 1/4 acre lot, is now taxed at $160,000!

Give me a fucking break!