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Systemic Bigotry and Racism

Have you propagated it, or suffered from it? Without me realizing it, I have had it both ways, The sins I've committed, and the sins committed against me. So i'll tell you of my origins and life.

My maternal English/Scottish side of my family, all the way back before the revolution, were hugely religious racist abolitionist that opposed the enslavement of the african because of their innate inferiority. They were Pennsylvania Presbyterian Democrats, that also supported the laws that banned the importation of african slaves, while supporting the slave breading farms, that gave rise to the jim crow laws.

The Paternal side of my family came from Germany in 1842. 3 brothers, 3 wives and 4 children. All died except the oldest brother as they traveled from Boston to Milwaukee. 3 wives later, he established a dairy and cheese farm, and was a transit for the underground railroad. Even today there are ex-slave families that have my family's last name. They are family to me, more so than my violent racist brother, and the privileged racist cousins that I haven't seen for decades.

I was born into the military during the '50's. Grew up in the military during the 60's and 70's, with all races and creeds. Us kids had to band together, no matter our race or parents rank, because sometimes we had to fight our way home. The civilians had been told we were baby killers, rapists, murderers, fascist pigs. 8 years old I was, and could any of us be thus? This was my first experience with systemic bigotry and hate.

Growing up in the military, and educated by a state indoctrination system, we kids had to take a test every year. We didn't care about results, didn't matter to us. But it followed all our lives. That's how we knew that tests are wrong, no matter how it is measured.


As us boys grew older, dad told us we had to pay for our higher education. From the age of 10 I worked my butt off to save every penny, in high school and even in college. That's when I realized the socialist mandates privileged others, not me! as a white male I was actively denied any grants, and all government loans. Because as I was told, to my face, after many attempts of redress, that I would never get a grant or government loan, because they were only giving them to women and minority's. I realized I was being directly and systematically oppressed because I was male and white.

Same here. Had to work at night during high school and college to pay for college. I could not get any grants or assistance but black friends and one American Indian kid did. Their families were no where near as poor as mine. Turned out OK for me. Always made a bit more than the others I work with because of that education and because I try harder than them. Even the Navy started me as an E3 instead of an E1.

One of the most disturbing aspects of higher education I learned in my first two years: don't argue with the teacher, when they are ranting and raving about a subject that IS NOT related to the course. Especially don't tell them they are wasting your time and money when your a white male in a NROTC uniform during a time when radical feminism and liberation theology had taken over 'liberal' higher education. Your grades are gonna suffer, no matter how well you do!

Thank god and my fiance, that I had good people that told me to shut the f##k up, ignore these fools, hunker down, get the grades and graduate! Good advice.

Graduated. Went to OCS for 3 months. Class of 26 warrant officers, 6 black males and 4 women. Had a mixed race chief (white/asian) commanding us. Biggest racist I've ever seen up till then. At the final performance review, I told him to his face, in front of the LT, if he was ever on one of my ships, I'd bust him for any reason I could. Racist bigoted POS. Never saw him again, probably retired, most chief's are short time.

Went home, had to wait for my commission. Dad and my brother said 6 months to maybe a year. So I had to find a job, but it didn't last. To the surprise of all of us, I was called up 3 months later!

HOT DAMN! Off to the deep blue. My career is made.... so I thought.

Send sea pics.

I have thousands.

Was a diver also so I have underwater photos as well.

Not a Navy diver I have an advanced  civilian certificate.

Quote from Moefugger on August 19, 2020, 11:48 am

Send sea pics.

I have thousands.

Was a diver also so I have underwater photos as well.

Not a Navy diver I have an advanced  civilian certificate.

Regretfully, Moe, after 2 wives, a garage fire,  my mom burning everything after dad died and a tornado, I have only a handful of photos and slides left now. I'd like to see you set up a photo thread here or some where else of all or most of the photos you have. I'd find that VERY interesting!

Over the next year, as I served as the assistant to the many department and division heads, I watched all these 'canoe school' academy boys work their politic.  All we Reservist pukes could do is keep our heads down and pray our Chiefs would look after us. My first Captain work his position to advance his career to the Pentagon. Years later I heard he got promoted to Captain, but then got passed over for flag range, and then was rotated out. As I went through the years, I found the Academy boys didn't want any black or Latino officers on the ship. There were ever only 2 to 3 black chiefs on the ship in all the years I served. All the blacks and  latinos were relegated to service rates, no tech rates. When I got promoted to 0-2 I could recommend enlisted for promotion, transfer to tech schools, or even OCS. I recommended 4 men, 2 white men that were immediately accepted, and 2 black men, one automatically rejected, the last one cost me, because he was worth it. Retired a Senior Master Chief. I was told to my face by the promotion board I would never get 0-4 because I was a reservist, but would be given 0-3 after 10 to 12 years. Yeah, right!  Had two years on my oath and office, didn't say a word while they tried to twist me to re-up. As a reservist I knew better, out in 6, and happy to go.





after 6 years