Forums now open!

Our new and very ‘old school’ forums are now open. For years we, and many others, have complained of the stranglehold social media has held on communication and community so we – and folks we know and work with – are going back in time just a little.

Our forums cover a variety of topics and will grow as and when the community need them to. It’s all deathly quiet and new now so help us get it moving. We have a minimal set of rules and you can request access to The Underground user group which will open up a world of virtually uncensored possibilities for you (No DOXXING, keep it legal, don’t get butthurt).

If you’re already a member here on TW then you can log in at the forums. If you aren’t just sign up via the main site and head in there. We’ll never sell on your info, we don’t monitor your activities for advertising purposes, you are not a product. Help us build communities online outside of corporate control and let’s see how far we can drive this before the wheels fall off.

Come on in. The water’s full of sharks but it’s warm.


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