The site is still under construction. Wear a hard hat if you want.

Getting closer!

It’s been a bit quiet on of late and you’d be forgiven for thinking everyone has gone to sleep but that’s not the case, oddly enough. As you know this is the BETA site and we’re working towards everything going live all at once so how about some news for you guys?

First up we have a couple of dates for your filthy diaries. September 21st and September 24th. What’s special about them? Well, on the 21st we’ll be broadcasting the first episode of TriggerWarning TV and on the 24th the first episode of Trigger Warning Radio Show. IN THE SAME WEEK! That means over three hours of enjoying rampant misanthropy just for you!

More details on show content will be released nearer the time.

We’ve also been talking with a company that handles Crypto Currency. We can’t divulge too much in the way of details yet but if this goes ahead it’s going to make getting involved with TW even more exciting, hell even just using the site will be rewarding. There’s still a lot to do before that comes online though so, as ever, keep your eyes peeled for news on that score. It’s going to be epic if we get it going.

There will be fresh articles through the following week on TW but Hayden is actually taking a few days off to go camping with his son. Once he returns from instilling horror into the hearts of country folk he’s getting right down to the business of creating all the assets for the Trigger Warning shows (Sets, idents, intros, videos e.t.c.). We’ll share some juicy pics with you guys naturally.

Please keep following and recommending us. And don’t forget to use your affiliate link where possible. It’s a GOOD idea.

Take care you filthy miscreants and have a great weekend.

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