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Help support and grow Trigger Warning.


We’ve launched a Patreon page to help support the ongoing costs and development with Trigger Warning. We LOVE doing what we do but it’s starting to mount up a little. Some of you have graciously given donations and for that we’re so thankful but we want to make sure we can add value wherever possible.

We currently have two tiers of Patreonage both with something a little special to say thank you.


$1-$10 Gets you early access to uploads meaning you’ll get the podcasts, live show replays, and radio show replays, at least 24 hours before they’re released to everyone else. There will also be some patron only special events you will be invited to!

$10 – Upwards Gets you the early access along with exclusive content which at launch will include the full length podcast (the podcast released for everyone else lasts approximately  45 minutes, the one you’ll receive lasts considerable longer!) along with new and exclusive video content we’ll be creating in the new year which will only be available to our Patrons. You’ll also be invited to irregular Patron round table live streams and any Patron events.


For the price of a couple of cups of coffee a month you could really help us develop TW. We already have the live TV show, the radio show, the podcast, and our own radio station so any patronage will not only hep us sustain what we have but also allow us to improve what we’ve got and then some. We know we’re foul, vulgar, unkempt, and uncivilised, so help us stay that way!



Patreon Link:


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