After a camping holiday with Junior (awesome!) and a ruptured or herniated disc in my back (not at all awesome, in fact kind of shit) I'm back in the saddle with Trigger Warning.

Seeing as we're getting awfully close to the broadcast dates for the TV and Radio shows I'm getting close to panic mode now so there might not be any articles for a little while as I concentrate on getting together all the assets we need for the shows themselves. Naturally I'm fully expecting them to be every bit as shambolic as everything else I do so that should be fun.

Add to that we're in the process of securing and moving into new studio space and until that happens operating out of a temporary space it's all rather stressful but it should be fun if nothing else. Please keep spreading the word where appropriate and hopefully we can team up when it's time to go live and get this out there!

As for the site, I'm still pulling all that together too but hopefully we'll be seeing more activity and awesome things to read and watch before too long. News as it comes in and all that.

Keep well, be happy, keep triggering


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Hayden is the founder of Trigger Warning so it’s all his fault.

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  1. Camping is fun. Back problems are not.

  2. Thought there was a show tonite?

    1. There was, it was on and Facebook. The TV show starts on Thursday which will go out on LiveLeak and FB.

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