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I'm not going to lie, some of what is in this article could be considered as 'not very nice' by some and doubtless 'an illustration of the patriachy, white privilige, and BREXIT' by others. You see, I'm going to talk about sex. Not the hot, sticky, fun kind of sex but rather the poe faced, misery that is the spectrum of sex.

When it comes to the different types of sex I'm told exist and the myriad number of genders I'm fairly unperturbed as a rule. What an adult chooses to identify as or transition into doesn't hurt me. I fully support someone's right to be addressed as whichever sex they either perceive themselves to be or show others they are. I don't care what toilets people use. It just doesn't matter to me. I don't want to judge these people, I don't wish them any ill will, they're just people getting on with their lives without hurting anyone else. More power to them I say.

Thing is, it seems this isn't enough. Not only must I not give a shit, I must embrace it to. When someone tells me "Women can have a penis" I have to nod approvingly, perhaps clap enthusiastically for all I know (providing the clapping doesn't trigger anyone, of course). I must not find the idea of having sex with a Trans woman repulsive because that makes me transphobic. I shouldn't care, it's only genitals or something. Obviously, a lesbian isn't a dreadful human being for not finding a man - or the idea of a man - attractive. That's fine, it's us 'cis gender' monsters who need to get over it.

Thing is, I don't accept women can have a penis. I do find the idea of sleeping with a Trans woman repulsive. I even find the idea of gay sex utterly repugnant that's why I don't indulge. I don't worry that other people are, it's just not for me. Yet, I'm a monster for being this way. I must wholeheartedly embrace the idea that genitals are unimportant and not at all an identifier of sex. I must also accept there are many 'intersex' variants. Now, I realise I'm old but there used to be men, women, and then hermaphrodites. The latter usually ended up with a dominant sexuality and that's where they invariably headed. There's no getting past the fact they're a hiccup of nature. That doesn't make them bad or in any way lesser people, just something got a bit mixed up when they were being cooked and voila, both sets of tackle.

Yet I must embrace all these odd ideas of a sex spectrum and that the minority can indeed constitute a sex all of their own with the spectrum being sliced ever thinner to appease those who can't cope without telling everyone what to think or they're bastards.

If this is the case, I think it's time you folks started accepting the human spectrum. After all you're busy freeing people from pre-conceived ideas of sex simply because nature gave their DNA an odd twist, why stop with them? Why not human to not as human, or perhaps differently human? Why not just give them new names. Take people with Downe's, they look quite similar so why don't we just create them a species of their own and be done with it? It's cruel to lump them in with everyone else, they need to be seperated and argued about. And babies born with a cleft face, they're clearly not quite like us. Best move them down a notch hadn't we...oh, sorry, I mean 'along'. Tsk.

Flipper babies? Clearly leaning towards the amphibious end of things. Best move them towards fish. Oh, the cataclysmically mentally disabled? Single cell organisms. We can still care about them but it's important they get their own space.

You can see where I'm going here, the possibilities are endless! And should anyone from these groups happen to point out "actually I'm quite happy as a person" we should be sure to tell them they just don't know what they're talking about and we know best because we went to college and bought into the idea created in the 70's that gender has nothing to do with sex. Only with humans though, animals are still gender / sex conjoined. Poor bastards!

Yes it's fucking ridiculous, but so are the people insisting I love a lady's cock because she's all woman and it's only flesh. How about fuck off? You live your life, leave me to live mine. If I'm not looking to opress anyone why don't you piss off to yet another 'feelz' convention where you can be happy not clapping and checking badges to see if you can talk to anyone you cosplay indulging, politically correct, gender fully assumed, dickhead?

So, yeah. Let's just let people live their lives without insisting others don't buy into it wholesale or they're evil.



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Hayden is the founder of Trigger Warning so it’s all his fault.

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  1. So to be clear Hayden, you would not let a woman fuck you with her penis? You transphobic, racist xenophobe sexist!!! I’m calling Antifa to get you doxxed and fired.
    (I still can’t quite believe I’m in a world where phrases like that are used legitimately.)

    I agree with you that we should let people be/do what they want so long as it’s not hurting or imposing on anyone else, but there comes a point where we’re playing into a delusion, Hayden you can get breast implants, have all the surgery done down there to give you the body of a woman, dress like a woman and act like a woman. Your DNA is still male, you’ll always still be a male and there is nothing you can ever do to change that. (Sorry, I know that must be devastating for you)

    I saw a thing a few months back, some campaign saying “Men get periods too” and I tried so hard to scroll past it because I knew it would trigger a rant. I failed and scrolled up and read the whole thing, it wound me up. If I remember rightly it started with “I identify as transgender and queer” and that took my sleep deprived brain way too long to untangle, then went on to describe the struggles of being a woman… who’s actually a man, and wanted the world to recognise that men have periods too so she…he wouldn’t feel isolated, but of course it’s bollocks. The closest men get to experiencing being a woman is couvade syndrome.

    I think, if you’re happier being a different sex, go for it with my full support because lets face it, none of my fucking business. But if it’s a case of being so unhappy in your current “gender/sex” that it causes you self harm, depression or any of that stuff, are we not better off by treating the underlying issue causing self hatred rather than playing into sometimes dangerous delusions and over-categorisation. Sometimes we stand up and applaud people who really just need a bit of help, they can still be whatever they want to be, any gender, any orientation, but they also get the help they need to be happy with the skin they’re in. – Real world example, I know a guy called Eddie, Eddie likes to have “boy” days and “Girl” days, Girl days usually involve a pair of realistic looking yeehaws and makeup and all of that. Eddie describes himself as asexual and suffers some really bad bouts of depression, my instinct tells me that these things are not unrelated. Confusion about what you want, or who you are is surely inevitably going to cause some issues right? Sure I’m no expert, but I’m an inquisitive fucker.

    The final thing that annoys me is this forced stuff like the proposal to stop using “He” and “She” and start using a gender neutral phrase like “Ze”. I’m gonna leave that one open.

    And after all that I praise the good lord that I have never given a single shit about how I look, or ever considered my gender orientation or any of that, seems way too complex a world to live in and I can’t even decide which sauce I want on my chips most days, so… yeah.

  2. You wouldnt shag a tranny?..Thats Trisha depressed…

    I agree..adults doing whatever doesnt hurt anyone..privately…fine…Letting children decide what sex they are?…Fuck that…just wait until they are of age..then they choose..

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