A while back, mostly while doing the LiveLeak shows, I was asked if I'd consider selling Hayden T-Shirts. After laughing for a while I had to explain why I didn't think that would pan out. Firstly I'm quite typically English when it comes to awkwardness regarding self promotion. Secondly I have a fear and that fear is not that I wouldn't sell any T-Shirts, that's not scary, no I was worried I'd only sell three and that I'd wake in the night and find one of the people who purchased one stood in my garden. Thing is as strange as it seems for people asking for Hayden T-Shirts it can always...ALWAYS...get stranger. Cue BigErn666 and his penchant for self decoration.

Bigern666 is a LiveLeak member who I met last year at the birthday show. He's actually a really humble, polite guy who's very good company. In addition to this his skin is almost completely covered in tattoos, including his head and parts of his face. Imagine my surprise, me being the guy who was too wary to have T-Shirts made, when I awoke one morning to find this video waiting for me on LiveLeak.

Yes, my face is now imortalised on a leg in Texas! Once the shock wore off I did realise it's actually a tremendous honour and also bloody funny as well as being strange. I suppose Ern could always tell people it was meant to be the guy from Breaking Bad but his tattoo artist was drunk should he ever get bored of explaining who the scowling, bald man is on his lower leg.

It just goes to show the bar can always be raised when it comes to life getting increasingly odd. Guess I should get the T-Shirts and mugs done then.

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