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The 20th Century’s Most Impossible Challenges

High level diplomacy; averting natural disaster; political chess games with some of history's most crackpot minds, these pale into comparison with the most troublesome...

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Optical Illusions – Uncovering The Residents with Homer Flynn

Just as in 1974 when their first album, “Meet the Residents” entered an unsuspecting world, The Residents defy easy description and remain as enigmatic...

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Dyr Faser – “Vanishing Edge”, reviewed

Bostonians Dyr Faser are spell-check's worst nightmare but corrective spelling aside, the general apathy to the mainstream's attention to them remains a mystery. They've...

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London Underground The Art, Music and Free Jazz that Inspired a Cultural Revolution

Until the mid-sixties, jazz was the domain of Herculean drug gobblers - tar-encrusted-lung machines who had mastered circular breathing and rat-a-tat-tat drum patterns who...

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Oh the humanity!

The decline of the Human Race can be pin-pointed very precisely to a cold afternoon in 2007. This is as very precise as things...

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