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As more info reaches our ears, my opinions evolve and grow. In a world where we’re supposed to be on absolute ‘sides’ I often see the merits and problems for both sides of issues…but not always.

Long term I’ve campaigned against all types of child abuse. I’ve been involved a lot with disability rights, even before the UK govt decided that killing off disabled people seemed like a good idea (victims included my friends). I got quite burned out with the intensity of that but still tend to pop my head above the parapet.

Due to personal experience I’ve been trying to spread awareness of the suffering, covered up child abuse, and deaths caused by cults – particularly Jehovah’s Witnesses aka Watch Tower (hence my name here).

You can find my youtube channel addressing the JW problems here: JW Suicides channel Youtube  or on twitter, where I address much broader issues: JWSuicides twitter

All that sounded a bit solemn and heavy – note that I’m also a sarcastic moo who does also like to have a good laugh amongst the serious subjects.