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Nazis, Nazis everywhere!

There’s a war brewing on the streets of America. It’s not a race war, it’s not an invasion by a foreign state, and it isn’t North against South. No, it’s apparently “Nazis” versus “Fascists” and it’s also so bloody predictable.

I’ve made my feelings clear about ANTIFA before now (see the video HERE) so we’ll get to them in a little while. First I want to talk about the “Nazis” of the story or, as Donald Trump referred to them, some of the “very fine people” who took a gentle stroll around Charlottesville and elsewhere. You see, I don’t like them being called Nazis. Yes they march with Swastikas and give nice Hitler salutes and all the rest but they aren’t Nazis. These are Nazis…

Look at them, all shiny German helmets lined up neatly before the Allies obliterated them and buried their genocidal arses. Those are Nazis but these people…

These people are just scum. Call them Neo Nazis if it makes you feel better but they really are just scum who hate Jews, black people, liberals, or all of the above. They’re morons, they are an affront to their ancestors (well, some of them. Many probably had ancestors equally as ignorant as they are hence the soupy gene pool). Let’s not pretend they’re going to be ushering Jews into gas chambers any time soon. They might like the idea but they’re incapable of such things. They’re filth, vermin, the shit on your shoe.

On the flip side we apparently have our anti-Nazi heroes, the ANTIFA folks. They’re out there nobly fighting the fascist, right wing, flag wavers. They’re on the side of good. They are our white knights. Except, well, aren’t they an awful lot like fascists themselves?

I don’t have a lot of time for the alt-right, celebrity, chief snowflake that is James Woods but he’s pretty much on the money with this Tweet:

Yes, “this is hatred at its most vile” is just another example of his odd myopia given what our lovely, masked, fascists are “protesting” about but still, look at that picture. What about other pictures and videos of “Nazis” being beaten in the streets for daring to voice their opinion? I’ve done articles previously about my lack of empathy for Nazis being punched, fuck those people. But to see people I find equally vile carrying it out? Nah, not for me thanks.

We’ve seen videos of ANTIFA thugs sometimes violently silencing dissenting voices. And I don’t mean the simple far right buffoons, I mean people who simply don’t adhere to what they consider proper. I failed to see before how they can possibly be better than “Nazis” and I fail to see now. I don’t see fine people on both sides of this conflict, I see fine people in the middle with this shower of shite pushing from both sides. So if you’re on the far left why not look in a mirror and throw out a Hitler salute of your own, you’ll find it suits you. And if you’re on the far right and agree with bullshit cartoons such as this:

Keep in mind you’re basically the Brown shirt whether giving or taking the beating. Stop being arseholes, stop being hateful, grow the fuck up. Your country would be better off without any of you.

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