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If you’re a regular you’ll know we’ve got a brand new website for everyone to enjoy. Like before it carries videos and articles relating to TW and the content will continue to grow, we’re passionate about the TW project so why wouldn’t we want more? It doesn’t end there though.

Take a look around, there’s an integrated forum because we believe people need to use forums more often. They allow for a level of debate and conversation social media has all but killed. Let’s get back to communicating rather than simply sniping and trying to exist in bubbles of affirmation from those who believe as we do.

There’s also integrated social networking because our members liked that when we tried it previously. You can @ people, use hashtags, share images, vids from other sites, and make groups. You can also choose what goes into your profile and the privacy of each item. There are no algorithms, you just choose what you want to see in your activity wall when you’re there. It’s all up to you.

Lastly, and sadly not available at launch, we’ve taken a leaf out of’s book. No, we aren’t going to start removing people because of their beliefs but we are going to allow members to have their own blog / site within TW. Once approved and set up you’ll have Cool, eh?

We want to have a site our members and viewers can use, get something out of, and perhaps be inspired to have their own property online. We are more powerful than we think even though we are few.

We also have the first steps towards moving away from Patreon. You’ll be able to subscribe right here on the site where you’ll get early access to the podcasts and more features will be introduced as well.

Let us know what you think, have a poke around, let us know in the forums if you find any bugs or if there are problems. We want to build a site for all of us. While you’re here look at the links in the footer or the “other links” section of the menu to check out our rules and our charter. We’d appreciate your thoughts on those too.

Enjoy the site, guys and be a part of TW.

The Trigger Warning Team.


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    1. When you find the item you want click “add to basket” and a cart icon will appear in your menu if you’re on desktop. Clicking on that takes you to checkout. Let’s see if we can’t simplify this in the menu.

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