The site is still under construction. Wear a hard hat if you want.


It’s been a while but we’re back on it with Trigger Warning, boy are we back on it. You’ll have noticed we’re in the middle of refreshing the site and speeding it all up. Yeah, it’s still busy but we like that.

We’re also testing our own social media platform. If you’d like a code just leave a comment below and we’ll have one sent to you via a PM. It works just like Facebook but this isn’t some other attempt at building a replacement, we just want to have a cool place without the usual hassles where you can post, blog, hang out, chat, and generally share without the globo corps breathing down your neck. The rules are refreshingly simple as well. We’re even working on our own bill of rights. Check it out.

Our forums are starting to populate a little too. We’re still in love with the idea of forums here at TW and we’d love it if you guys gave them some love too. Social media is so immediate and easy but really chewing into a conversation on forums is something we miss. Join us in there. It’s a single login for the main site and forum so there’s no hassle.

Finally a bit of “coming soon” news. Hopefully before the end of the year we’ll see the Trigger Warning app appear. This Android app will bring all of your Trigger Warning goodness to your  mobile device all in one place including the podcasts AND LIVE STREAMS! Wonderful.

Speak soon


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