Only the feels matter: Shutting down debate.

After one of my usual forays into Twitter there was the expected response of butthurt, insults, accusations, and the like. Even some casual racism based on me being white and middle aged (though I’m reliably informed you can’t be racist towards white people so that’s okay). But none of that really troubles me, after all it was a subject some people, quite rightly, feel deeply about and emotion can often override any possibility of thinking beyond your feelings. That’s fine, I’m not here to tell people how to feel after all.

What did catch my attention was a response to me. It was this one:

Intent doesn’t matter. Impact does.

I found this to be a great concern. The reprehensible moron who left me doesn’t even understand the implications of what he’s saying because, in context,  he’s actually saying words and intent mean nothing, what really matters is how people interpret it. And not only that, only those upset by it count. Think about that for a moment, really give it some thought. How’s that for trying to shut down and stifle any useful debate?

It’s getting worse out there. “Libtard”, “Republiturd”, “Snowflake” (one of my favourites), the list goes on. Or perhaps old standby favourites like discounting an opinion because of race, colour, religion, or age? All of these things are the actions of cowards. They will first try to misrepresent your comments, to twist them to suit their agenda. When you don’t bite – or they don’t get enough likes – they’ll switch to shutting it down with this mindless tripe.

Yesterday it was “left leaning” people, tomorrow it could be “right leaning” people, the results are always the same. Naturally I’ll drag it out for a bit for my amusement but really, really, it’s not actually funny because this is how people think now. They form an opinion, usually based on anecdotal evidence and proceed to stick their fingers in their ears, hum loudly to prevent any chance of hearing your point, and then call you some childish name.

If you’re one of these fucking idiots, how about you climb out of your bubble of anal discomfort just for a little while? Occasionally in life things can be correct even if we don’t like them. And on those occasions you can still disagree but at least argue the point you weak, pathetic imbeciles.

These people disgust me for the weak willed filth they are. I don’t care what colour you are, what creed, what beliefs you hold, if you just shut people down or argue based on the response of some other whining, butthurt, piece of shit you’re worthless, without value, pointless. And best of all, when all your crusading is done life will do its best to fuck you like it does everyone and you won’t even have the tools to deal with it because I hear that telling the universe “OMG, this is SO not fair. Everything should be how I imagine it should be” doesn’t reap much in the way of rewards.

Step up!

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