Owen Jones Talks Communism (Video)

TW Sunday

On a TW:Sunday show not so long ago Graeme took after leftist mouthpiece and pet clickbait monger of The Guardian Owen Jones. The video was immediately removed at the request of The Guardian in a flagrant attack on what is clearly Fair Use.

Enjoy, and please share the post!

[videopress dpNlRcTL]

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  1. This guy. Take a look at his facial response to answers, there’s parts where he’s smiling like fuck at the grimmest of situations that has been put to him, by her. Fuck modern “journalism”, just like most media it’s being tailored to the empty headed person sat in front of the TV or dropping fag ash on the newspaper who really doesn’t give a shit, but they hope it’ll prick some ears up so they join the same ideals that they present, and in this case represent. It’s bonkers.

    1. It all works roughly the same, the issue seems to be with YouTube, they apparently let corporations strike down any item for copyright reasons then if you appeal that goes to the corporation to decide initially. It’s all a bit strange.

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