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It’s been a little while but it’s time for some NEWS! Yes, we’ve been beavering away behind the scenes and it’s time to bring our

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Help us develop TW!

Hi! If you could please spare just a few minutes of your time by filling in this survey we would really appreciate it. You are

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Hipster be Square

Punk, perhaps the least effective movement in popular culture yet recorded, came and went very quickly, indeed, it only ever popped up in small pockets

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The Mysterious World of Subtitles

I’m fairly certain most underground activity doesn’t happen on the Dark Web but hidden in subtitles. Do even deaf people use them?

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Human Champions – Part 1

The first in perhaps a staggeringly short series of reminiscences of human beings who have entertained through adversity or appalled through misguided entertainment. We hail

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After a camping holiday with Junior (awesome!) and a ruptured or herniated disc in my back (not at all awesome, in fact kind of shit)

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I want to hurt you.

“Why do you think violent videos should be shown?” “Why do you think racists should be heard and not silenced?” “Why aren’t you doing more

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Is Cannibalism Kosher?

News is filtering through from South Africa that a cannibalism ring has been uncovered. Of the many rings reported by the news channels, cannibalism is

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Getting closer!

It’s been a bit quiet on of late and you’d be forgiven for thinking everyone has gone to sleep but that’s not the case,

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A Sense of Sutcliffe

When one considers the Yorkshire Ripper, one thing most readily springs to mind. Cutting-edge fashion. Though Peter was quite rightly chastised for what may be

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