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Saudi Arabia: Don’t fuck about with the electric, please.

Saudi Arabia, wealthy beyond compare, modern, steel and glass towers reaching for the blue, cloudless sky as super cars prowl the pristine streets. Of course we could also say Saudi Arabia, public beatings, rampant censorship, arbitrary public execution. Treating the poor labourers as slaves. Committing genocide on neighbouring countries. Financing terrorism around the world. Saudi Arabia, the country where – if it wasn’t for their oil money – the inhabitants would be eating sand and stabbing each other in the face in the name of their god.

You’re never stuck for entertainment in Saudi. There are floggings, beheadings, and group hangings which are especially popular with families.

You might think this is a bit harsh but even if you ignore the above facts you can’t escape a recent story which gives you a reasonable insight into the nation. Eid al-Adha is coming up, during this festival folks like nothing more than slitting the throat of an animal and letting it die in pain as it bleeds out (just how god likes it, apparently) and then one third of the animal is eaten by the family, one third given to friends, and one third given to the needy. Although probably not to the slaves because fuck those people, amirite?

Thing is, this is all very old fashioned. Cutting the throats of animals and letting them bleed to death might be traditional but it’s terribly old hat. That’s why an electricity company in Saudi has had to issue a warning because…wait for it…many people like to electrocute the animals instead! Fuck that knife bullshit, let’s set this bastard on fire with electricity!

A sheep, feeling smug after hiding all the knives in the kitchen following the owner being disallowed from plugging it into the mains.

Apparently this rather odd hobby causes power cuts and the like.

It’s good to know that when the young men in Saudi when not being ejected from an out of control drifting car and being thrown around like so many rag dolls in bed sheets enjoy nothing more than running many volts through a stiff and smoking animal. Happy days!

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