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Doris Stokes Looks At 2018 So You Don’t Have To

Who better to cast their eye on the coming year(s) than Trigger Warning’s resident dead medium, Doris Stokes? With her unique and racist view of world events from her perch at God’s side, Doris looks to the future and puts the kettle on. The Middle East Ooh, it’s a right palaver, isn’t it, love? I … Read moreDoris Stokes Looks At 2018 So You Don’t Have To

Doris Stokes Presents…Despotify!

We are pleased to welcome the newest recruit to the Trigger Warning team – legendary spiritualist and medium, Doris Stokes, everyone’s favourite cuddly pathological liar and shit-stirrer. Those keeping a keen eye on the news will know Doris passed away in 1987 but such trivialities do not concern us here. Having asked the old woman … Read moreDoris Stokes Presents…Despotify!