I covered this in my last podcast but given I think three people and one reptillian overlord actually listen to it I thought it might be interesting to put it down in text. The latest Bildergerg group meeting is all done and dusted and the circus has left town and as usual the Internet has been alight with the usual theories and assumptions about the group. It even garnered some mainstream coverage this time although not perhaps in the manner many of us would have liked.

To digress slightly, I know I'm often a bit harsh on Alex Jones but I have to give the guy and his team some credit here. They've made so much noise this time around that the mainstream media have actually picked up on it. This would be a result if it wasn't such a double edged sword. The manner in which Infowars present their information invites massive ridicule from the mainstream media, practically demands it in fact. How can it possibly be a good move to claim that footage which captures five men in bathrobes laughing is "homo erotic". Why Infowars didn't just run the headline "Bilderbeg...LOL GHEY" and be done with it?

Anyway, that's another story for another time. I wanted to focus on the group itself and what aspects of it we might be able to even vaguely influence but this requires you set a few things aside. No matter your beliefs regarding the group, no matter if you believe they're all reptillians or that they're hatching plans to decimate humanity for their own gain, all of that just push it aside for now. I'm not telling you to stop believing it, that's your business, but I am telling you it doesn't help at this point. What you need to do is look for the obvious not simply here say and suspicion. Believe me, there's still something here which even the most anti-conspiratorial should be incredibly annoyed at.

Taken to basics the Bilderberg group is a meeting of the global movers and shakers. Politicians and corporate leaders meeting to talk about...well nobody is really sure. They release a list of topics but I've no clue if that's what they stick to nor what goes on in there. To all intents and purposes it's a secret meeting and that should be your first alarm bell. You see, if it were just a meeting of powerful industrialists and the like they are free to be as secretive as they like. Chances are they'd hardly be working together for the benefit of mankind but we couldn't demand they become more transparent because civilians should always be free to have private conversations no matter how benign or terrible their content may be.

Why you should be getting very annoyed is that our servants, our representatives, our employees were in there in the form of politicians. What kind of arrogance does it display when our servants go to meet such people then refuse to divulge the contents of their meetings? We have every right to know what members of our government's and parliamentary systems were talking to these people about. How can they possibly claim secrecy is important if they're meeting with some of the most blatant profiteers at the expense of our misery on the planet? Furthermore many countries have laws pertaining to politicians meeting other officials from other countries in such settings.

So what to do? Well, you aren't going to tear it all down that's for sure. But you could make things more uncomfortable for the people involved. Look at your country's law regarding the nature of these meetings. If your representative was there question them, it's your right. If they evade, press them. Just make sure that at no point you veer from the straight and narrow, provable wrongs as you see them. Leave your conspiracies for discussion not for accusation. Badger them via e-mail, in person should they hold clinics, wherever you can. They won't answer you, they'll try to brush it off, and you might feel like you're not having any impact at all but enough small and seemingly inconsequential acts can often form a larger whole. Movements don't have to start with grand gestures, invariably they start with people asking "why?" so start asking.

I can't round off an article on this without mentioning one aspect of the latest meeting that I enjoyed greatly and that was the Ed Balls debacle. Ed Balls is the shadow chancellor of the exchequer and his political history isn't exactly what you'd call spectacular. Apparently he has designs on being the leader of the labour party and perhaps one day becoming prime minister. Could you really imagine having Prime minister Balls? Anyway, he rocked up to the Marriot one morning but had apparently forgotten his pass and not even a quality bit of "don't you know who I am?" worked. I hate to break it to you Mr Balls but if you're invited to a meeting of the most powerful people on earth and folks don't know who you are, you're the tea boy.

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