“The price you pay for freedom”

When you look a the recent horrific events in Las Vegas which have left nearly sixty people dead and hundreds wounded what’s the first thing you think of to say? How sickened you are? Perhaps you wonder why this happened? Perhaps you wonder how it happened. Well, at least one thing is now clear, these things are part and parcel of your “freedoms” should you live in the US. That’s right, the price you pay for your freedom to own high powered / high capacity firearms with minimal background checks is 59 dead and hundreds injured at the upper end but maybe just a couple of kids at the lower end of the scale. Good deal, right? It’s not us saying this by the way, no it’s the voice of the “right” Mr Bill O’Reily

“This is the price of freedom,” he wrote. “Violent nuts are allowed to roam free until they do damage, no matter how threatening they are. The 2nd Amendment is clear that Americans have a right to arm themselves for protection.  Even the loons.


Massive twat Bill O’Reilly being a smug and massive twat.

That’s right, even the loons because what’s most important is that you can have a high capacity “assault” rifle without going through too many restrictive checks. Nobody wants to be inconvenienced by waiting too long to get their hands on their “home defence” weapon of choice and sure as shit nobody wants to be refused on account of an itty bitty spot of mental illness or a wonky psychological profile. No, sod that. GIVE ME MY FREEDOMS!

If you believe in having guns without much in the way of background checks and people having high capacity magazines in assault rifles are you happy with the price people will be paying for your dreams of being able to stand up to a tyrannical government? You can’t by the way, if they ever chose to they’d slaughter you like hogs. Sorry. If you do I want you to consider the following.

Think of someone you love, love dearly. Then think of them lying down on the pavement. What colour are their eyes? Okay, imagine those eyes with dilated pupils and dust on them, the last thing your loved one experienced was

outright terror and now they lie there, dust in their eyes, and maybe their skull split open and their brains drying on the road. Murdered by a person with no previous criminal record to speak of. Is that a fair price? Because some 50+ families have paid that price for you.

We’re not advocating taking away people’s guns. It’s your right to own one and none of our business. But shouldn’t responsibility come with that right? Just because you CAN doesn’t mean you SHOULD. Do you really need that AR15 with a high capacity magazine? Does a person who might decide one day to use it on the innocent deserve one too?

If your answer is YES because it’s your “right” and all that then fair enough. We understand where you’re coming from. The price we pay for a free society is indeed sometimes a terrible burden. Terrorism, car crashes, drink related

You can pay for this beauty with just one cash payment +a few lives. Bargain!

violence. The thing is we try to minimise those things and yes, often our governments go too far and screw up, but we try. But there’s one thing we truly do understand if you’re the kind of person who does need assault weapons with high capacity magazines. One  thing we fully get.

The price is always cheap when it’s someone else who has to pay.

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  1. Say what? The Las Vegas Police now say, he did NOT act alone, and they are beginning to think he was radicalized. That means a fucking Muslim cunt. What will make the USA (at least) safer is to force all Muslims out of the nation. Muslims are smelly, nasty bastards, who do nothing but fuck things up.
    Say, How about Theresa May?
    Coughing just like Hillary Clinton, shame you Brits cannot have guns.

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