Here we are then, Trigger Warning is in BETA. I thought it'd never happen.

I started talking about the prospect of Trigger Warning probably last year (2016). I'd cogitate then delay, think about it, shy away, and generally avoid the issue as Social Media Andy will attest. I finally decided to give it a whirl and announced it would be happening earlier this year and it's taken until now to really get the ideas in place and solid.

So, what will it be? The online TV show will replace The LiveLeak Show as is (think of it as the LL show but with less restraint or taste), there'll be a weekly online radio show via FabRadioInternational which will be produced in 3 month seasons (3 months on, 3 off). The radio show will also be streamed via the wonderful medium of video as well as being made available as a podcast around 2 days after broadcast.

Then there's the site. As well as articles by myself, our editor Daz, and other contributors there is the desire to build a community. A community which is a part of the whole project. That probably means you, right?

So we're here in BETA now. Until launch there will be breakings and fixings, short videos, articles, and complaining. I do hope you come along for the ride because whilst success cannot be promised it should be bloody good fun and with any luck we'll piss off quite a few people.

Right then, let's ride this fucker 'till the wheels fall off and see what happens.



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Hayden is the founder of Trigger Warning so it’s all his fault.

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