Hi all,

We’ve got news! First up…

Patreon. It’s never easy deciding how to finance a project but we’ve genuinely worried about pricing our Patreon, it always feels a little like begging but TW does have overheads and it’d be wonderful to cover those and buy more time to improve our content and produce more. We’ve picked up a few Patrons and for that we’re hugely grateful but we knew we could do better by you guys, so we have.

The top tier (previously $10) is now $4.99 a month. For that you get any early access content, you get the bonus length podcasts, and you get a weekly episode of TW:Safe Space which has been so enjoyable to make…and awkward. We’re still talking about other deals for higher tiers as some folks pay more than the previous $10 tier and we’ll bring you more on that when we can.

Web Site. The current site was a cross between needing something up quick and being too ambitious with the features most of which aren’t really used. We’re going to completely overhaul the site in the coming weeks which means we might be down for a day or two. The new site will be all shiny and carry all our content but the forums will be replaced with an old school forums package which we believe encourage debate and conversation far more than any “social media” type platforms. You may have to register again but it’ll be worth it if we get more folks in, there’s also going to be a ‘No Holds Barred’ section so you might enjoy that.

Trigger Warning App. Our radio player app has remained nice and stable with no reported crashes so we’re going ahead with the full fat, heavy on the calories, Trigger Warning app. The app will allow you to watch and listen to previous shows, watch live streams, listen to TW radio, and more. It’s a big job but we’re hoping there’s enough time available to get it out for March but we’ll keep you posted on that too. As ever, the app will be as clean as possible, require as few permissions as possible, and we’ll never do anything to harvest your information.

TW Radio show. After a short break the Trigger Warning radio show will be returning to FAB Radio (and TW Radio, obviously) very soon. Hayden was told the dates but in his usual manner he’s either forgotten or just not telling anybody yet. Needless to say we’re looking forward to getting that show rolling again.

TW Political Party. On last night’s live show (01-02-18) Hayden decided he’d quite like to start a political party in the UK. We’re not sure why or when this will happen but knowing him there’ll just be a random post one day to tell everyone it’s all done. Clearly the political future of the UK is looking brighter already.

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