There's something new for you to take a look at! If you're logged in head to the My TW drop down on the main menu and click on TWP Dash. This is your dashboard for monitoring your Trigger Points. We've installed a points system on Trigger Warning which we're going to actively use once the site is further down the development track. At the outset you earn points for actions on the site and you can transfer funds to other members should you wish. You'll find an afiliate link in your profile too, anyone using that link to register earns you points!

Soon we will add more affiliate tools for you so that you can help spread the herpes that is Trigger Warning and earn even more points. So, what are the points good for?

Right now, just collecting. But they will be used to buy content and other non-physical items, buy access to different areas of the site, and quite a lot more besides that we're still working on.



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