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Hi all,

It’s time for an update. And it’s GOOD NEWS! We’re pretty much all the way to our target now thanks to your donations and support and the amazing help from Mr Mark Bajerski we’re at a point where we can, if not replace what we had, get the studio up and running at least.

It’s going to take a week or so for the GoFundMe money to come through but while it does we’re going to be mithering manufacturers about their products and scouring ebay. As I said above we can’t replace what we had but I think we can come up with a new system.

Right now I mostly want to say thank you. I was very close to just packing it all in after this latest burglary but the messages of support along with your help made me realise this is too much fun to stop and I’m not exaggerating when I tell you I was deeply touched by the response.

So, for now we’re broadcasting from home but it’s coming back, guys. It’s coming back!



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