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It’s been a little while but it’s time for some NEWS! Yes, we’ve been beavering away behind the scenes and it’s time to bring our favourite Triggerists up to date.

We did a survey recently which far more people than we expected took the time to fill out (THANK YOU!).

Over 90% wanted more Trigger Warning content both TV and Podcasts. So, we’re actively sorting that out now. First the bad news, we can’t do more TV content at this time because it’s logistically and financially impractical. For now, we will get that sorted.

For podcasts we can definitely sort something out, and we are. Firstly our PodCast host is finally sorted which means Alex will have something to play with. You can access our feed via RSS if you like ( ) but we’ll be posting them all on here soon. The feed has also been submitted to Apple and once they approve it we’ll make that available as we’ve had a few requests for iTunes availability. If there are any other PodCast platforms you think we should be on please let us know.

As for podcast content. TW Radio will be published in the day or so following the show (currently Sundays at 9pm GMT on The radio show has a 3 month on / 3 month off schedule. All will be posted.

Thanks to the generous donations of you guys we can also push on with more podcasts too! We’ve added a mic to the arsenal allowing us to do podcasting away from the studio. This means more podblasts and we’re sorting out the first regular TW Podcast right now. We’ve also signed up to Zencastr allowing us to host various folks on the podcast remotely and with the best quality possible given our budgets.

More information on the content of the TW podcast will come soon. One thing’s for sure it’ll be fun! We’re also pleased to announce that The Eloquent Gentlemen will be turning up at Trigger Warning in the coming months. The original TEG podcast covered politics, serial killers, and made ISIS jokes each week. Hosted by David Flint and Hayden Hewitt people found they rather enjoyed listening to grumpy old men complaining about things. Creative differences and yoga caused the dissolution of the original show (ish) so it’ll be good to see that back.

We also want to bring more people into the fold but more news on that as it happens. What a time to be alive!

Our next team meeting will be discussing the funding information from the survey. We want to push this harder and faster and we’ll keep you in the loop with that too.


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