Trigger Warning’s very first free speech event is almost upon us and tickets are on sale now!

The event will take place in Manchester on Nov 2nd 2019 at the TW studio. Because of this tickets are pretty limited but we think there’ll be more than enough. Doors for the event will be at 7:00pm and it’ll end when it ends.

During the event we’ll be doing live show streams, rants, and off camera debates so we can speak freely without worrying about some online nimrod demanding our lives are cancelled. Included in the running order is:

TW: Big Show!

TW: Graeme

SAFE SPACE: Where YOU can suggest topics to cause maximum discomfort.

Debates: General round table topics with you the audience welcome to join in. These will be off camera and totally “free speech” in nature.

Special guests include Richie Allen ( with more to be announced.

It’s going to be a great evening and all proceeds will go towards keeping the lights on and the content rolling at TW. Also, we’ve been told some people are planning on coming on the Friday. If that’s the case we can all meet up Friday night for a few drinks.

So join us, Manchester, 2nd November for an evening of pure Triggering!

More details of goings on, guests, etc will be shared with attendees via a private forum on the site. We’ll give you the address of the venue and contact information to make sure we all know where we’re going!

Buy your tickets by visiting


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  1. Hi guys – I’m so sorry to hear this news of – I found out this morning listening to Richie’s show.

    I’m on a bit of a social media blackout because I don’t do Facebook and I closed my Twitter account in December, so it’s nigh-on impossible to hear a lot of developing stories among those I’ve taken an interest in. The plus side is I’ve had more time to plough into work BUT it’s times like these when it’s a proper hinderance to me.

    I really hope that you continue. Your work has so much worth, I hope you realise that – I’m not a sycophant: I don’t agree with you on many things but I love hearing your taken on them and you’re always balanced, thoughtful and logical. Best of all you’re funny as f*ck – you make me laugh and in this day and age that’s a beautiful thing.

    It’s abysmal that this has happened to you – especially as it comes hot on the heels of the issues with YouTube – it must be so disheartening but if I can give you any encouragement it is that you’re doing something brilliant and it’s something that needs time to grow and for it to find its audience – there’s no doubt in my mind that you’d strike a chord with a many, many people – you just need to persevere and carry on – because no one else is going to be sharing insights into the trolling of dog-shaggers and nonces on Twitter, are they?

    Big love from the West Country x

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