Want to do some testing?


What we want!

We’re moving ahead with the TW Network phase of the site build now as we would like to know if any of you wonderful people would like to help us test it?

What is this TW Network of which you speak?

The TW Network essentially works a lot like WordPress.com. You can have your own blog / website right here on TW. The rules are pretty simple and available on the forum and you should probably read our charter too. We want to encourage more people to have their own property online and renting is a pretty good way to go before buying.

Renting? You’re charging me?

No! It’s just an analogy. Naturally it’s free to have your blog / site right here on TW. If you’re interested in being an early adopter just head over to the Network page on the site https://www.triggerwarning.tv/networkinfo/ and fill in the little form. We’ll get you set up and you’ll be good to log in and go!

So many questions!

We’re going to be putting up a Q&A in the forum but the basics are that you can have your own WordPress based blog hosted right here on TW (yourname.triggerwarning.tv) and that’s about it. It’ll work just like any other WordPress site with certain limitations on what you can technically do but it’s your space to fill with what you please.

TW isn’t just about the shows. It’s about pushing back against the advancing corporatism on the net and where loud, authoritarian, morons can essentially have you booted from everywhere just for “wrongthink”. We aren’t a haven for the extremes, but we might just be the haven you’re looking for. Let’s find out!


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