When you're an adult you are free to do many things. You can consume beverages which could possibly lead to addiction, illness, the destruction of the family unit, and death. You can smoke cigarettes which give you  an odds on chance of enjoying a death which involves screaming. You can travel to a foreign land and shoot people in the name of Democracy, you can also have your limbs blown off for the same cause. You can buy property, venture onto the stock market, drive a car, buy a gun (depending on your locality), you can learn to fly a plane! There are many things you can do as an adult which, sometimes even when done responsibly, can result in terrible harm to you and / or those around you. That's a pretty huge responsibility, isn't it? Thing is, you can't watch Human Centipede 2 uncut in this country because you're too feeble-minded and untrustworthy.

As an adult I don't like being told what I can and can't watch, particularly when it comes to works of fiction. It still beggars belief that a group of quite horribly smug people down in London can decide what fiction in terms of film I can view. In the case of Human Centipede 2 you have a highly stylised film based around a patently ridiculous premise. It's surreal horror and it's actually not that bad. Of course it does contain 'sexual violence' and scenes of people having their mouths sewn onto the anus of the person in front and that's a problem. You see, if we - the brainless plebs that we are - are allowed to view such things our tiny little minds will be warped beyond compare and before you can say 'hang on, I'm not sure about this' we'll be sewing the neighbours together and telling them it's time to eat shit or die.

Of course you could argue that it isn't about all of us, it's about that very tiny minority of damaged people who could be influenced by such films and incorporate an idea from them when they finally graduate to murdering someone. That's the line sold to the masses by those who control us these days and the press laps it up before regurgitating it with a lurid headline delivered to the masses ensuring they'll feel censorial actions are vindicated to protect us from these vile maniacs. Granted they'd go on to kill someone anyway but they wouldn't use a method influenced by a film and that's what counts. After all if we are to be murdered by a lunatic we'd all feel far better knowing they were using a method they dreamed up all on their own rather than some unoriginal rehashing of a scene in a film. Originality is clearly important in murder.

What we are seeing, and have seen before, is band-aid legislation. Legislation designed to appear as if the government is confronting an issue. Someone kills a child and they're found to have watched 'violent pornography', clearly the answer is to ban violent pornography. Children will still be killed but thousands of people will applaud the government for introducing yet more censorship which serves no purpose whatsoever beyond creating more criminals. There is no evidence, not a shred of hard evidence, to suggest these measures improve any aspect of our society. They might make some people feel better and if that's the case those people should actually feel disgusted with themselves as they applaud yet another step in removing an adult's right to decide what is best for them.

I'm an adult, like the vast and overwhelming majority of adults in this country I'm not going to murder anyone, rape anyone or torture anyone. If I'm free to carry out every day tasks which could be harmful to both myself and others how about the government stops worrying about what films I watch because, quite frankly, it's none of their damn business and I despair of the fact I am limited because of some imaginary influence on others or because somebody decided it would look like they were taking control of a situation.

We were always taught that Hitler's burning of books was a terrible thing. That it was unforgivable. Can you tell what's different about our government allowing the censorship of fiction based on nothing other than wanting to look effective in the face of having no clue as to how we can sort out deeper societal ills? If you think you can tell me then please comment and do so, I'd love to hear about it.

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Hayden is the founder of Trigger Warning so it’s all his fault.

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