We’re always chatting, as you would expect, about the TW venture and what we can do to improve it and make us – and hopefully you guys – happier. Well, we’ve come to a decision which should hopefully do that. We want to give you MOAR!

As some of you will know we do rely on the generosity of our members to help cover costs and all that for TW and quite a few of you do help us so very much via Patreon and PayPal. The only problem we’ve had is that we felt like we were doing things behind a paywall and it doesn’t feel good. So…we’re doing away with it.

On Patreon there will only be one tier now, that will be $1 or whatever you want to throw into the pot regularly. You can also do the same with PayPal. Yes, it might hurt in the short term if folks cut down their payments, as they’re obviously fully entitled to, but in the long run it’ll be awesome because everyone will get more content.

There will be a live TW Radio show on Cogent Radio (check the FP to get the app or visit cogentradio.com if you’re some kind of Apple owning hipster) once a week which will be later released as a podcast. But that’s not all, the bonus material, that extra 30-60 minutes previously only available to Patrons, will come out as well. Two podcasts every week (allowing for illness, death, meteor strike, attacks from aliens etc) and only donate if you want to, how could you not love that?

We want you guys to enjoy TW as much as we do, and we enjoy it a lot, and the best way we can think of to do that is to wrap you up in its warm embrace and simply ask that you support us if you’re willing and able to do so. If you can’t, or won’t, throw money in the pot that’s also fine. You can help us out by sharing our posts and media and generally getting word out about TW. If you won’t even do that…well…okay 🙁

Stick with us, guys. TW has a long way to run yet and there’s all kinds of shit we can still fuck up royally.




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