Want to be a webmaster? Want your site to involve members? Here are 16 irrefutable facts.

  1. You are wrong. Completely and utterly wrong 100% of the time.
  2. No matter what your personal beliefs are you are biased against the beliefs of whichever member is having issues at the time.
  3. Pick any religion. You're an apologist, a zealot, or you hate it. All at the same time.
  4. Pick any political stance. See above.
  5. Everyone, without exception, knows how to do your job better than you. No matter their experience or lack thereof they know WAY better than you.
  6. You're a moron.
  7. If you can't see how every single idea or complaint that is put to you is correct you lack any semblance of common sense (See #6).
  8. You're a moron.
  9. Nobody will respect your rules the minute those rules interfere with their desire regarding how they wish to act.
  10. You will hear "What about my freedom of speech?" every day of your life.
  11. Remember, 'it's only the Internet'. This only applies if you don't like something, if it's the member you're wrong and (see #6).
  12. Did I tell you that you're a moron? Never mind, someone will shortly.
  13. Your parents were probably too closely related.
  14. You suck at life and live in your mom's basement.
  15. You only do this because you're a power crazed weakling who was bullied at school.
  16. You're definitely a moron.


This could probably go on forever but I reckon those 16 will do for now. Care to add any more?


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Hayden is the founder of Trigger Warning so it’s all his fault.

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