We're finally up and running and what an interesting couple of weeks it has been. We've done a couple of radio shows and our first TV show and it all feels like it's going to be okay!

Next up is the podcast which will be the radio show available for those who like to listen whilst doing other things like commuting, stalking, heading out to known dogging areas to masturbate furiously and ejaculate over someone's car window, whatever it is you do. This also means the Eloquent Gentlemen podcast (with myself and Mr David Flint) will be returning at some point too!

I hope you guys will want to join in and take part as much as you're comfortable with. This whole project isn't simply about my shocking narcissism, it's about having a platform where you can voice your opinion without fear of predjudice silencing you too. It'll take a while to mature and develop but if we keep pushing it'll get somewhere.

Thanks for joining us for the ride so far. Each and every one of you makes it worthwhile and if you even only enjoy it a little bit that'll do for me.

Right, enough of this. I have work to do so I can free up time (and money!) to work on TW some more, there's a mountain of stuff to do and finite time to get it done.

Catch you later, fuckers!



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Hayden is the founder of Trigger Warning so it’s all his fault.

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