We’re BRAVE!

Well, we’re all using Brave browser so that’s something. Yes, this is kind of an ad because we have an affiliate link and yes you can tip us with BAT using the Brave browser but there’s more to it than just that. It’s a cracking browser!

Out of the box the security is more than enough for most folks and it’s clear and concise as to what the browser is blocking whilst you’re scurrying around whatever filthy nonsense it is you look at on the net. Add to that they’re trying to change the way online advertising works and it’s possible for you to earn BAT while you browse too.

Why not install it and give it a month or two to see how you like it? If you’re up for it please use the link below because, as we pointed out, we’ll get some love if you end up using it. Enjoy and be Brave!


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