In my last blog post I talked about goals, this one's more like an answer to a very direct question I've been asked more than once since I started this site:

Why are you doing this?

It's a good and fair question but I'm not sure there's a very simple answer, well there is but it's kind of fragmented. I could have just said "cause" but that's a bit unsatisfying although I suppose it'd give me a blog short enough to post on Twitter in its entirety. So, why am I doing this? I decided to work through it myself because at the time of asking I honestly didn't know.


Could be a bit of that, it's not like we all don't have one and anyone with a blog, podcast, and Facebook page is most likely shouting "Look at me!" even if they're trying to hide it by coughing while they shout or covering their mouth. But it can't just be ego, I could just continue posting on LiveLeak, doing the shows, and getting more than enough attention if that was the case. Perhaps it's that part of my ego that wants to go it alone? That's definitely a part of it. So we're getting somewhere.


Again, I have my presence on LiveLeak if that's my motivating force. Granted I would like to get as much exposure for my blog as possible but I won't cross promote it with anything else I do even though that would guarantee more traffic. I also don't really crave personal fame, I used to do quite a bit of TV in terms of interviews but knocked it on the head after being recognised at the shops. I don't particularly fear being recognised, it's just very odd. So fame is definitely not a driving factor. Also add in the fact I don't believe this will ever be a massively traffic heavy site it's looking less likely. Perhaps exposure in terms of getting my own views out there? That seems reasonable to assume so there's another one.


After spending so long not having strong opinions about too much in public could it be I need my opinions validated by the masses? I don't think it's that. I welcome postive responses, of course I do, but I also treasure the negative. I like the idea of sharing my opinion but I don't really feel any great need for people to agree with me. If they do, great. If's fine. Be nice if they kept reading though. Not validation then.


As odd as it sounds I really did have to think about this. Like many things in my life I have an idea and go with it even if only to see myself where it's going. With this site I would obviously like to build it up, share my thoughts, share opinions, share perhaps more information from out there in the world. Maybe even build a little community should we ever get enough hits / members. But most of all it's the idea of starting something from scratch and enjoying it. Not pouring money I don't have into it, not trying to come up with a new twist just to attract some investment. Just a simple little site that I get a kick out of creating content for. And even if it fails, and we all know it could, it won't matter. I'll still have enjoyed it and found it all very amusing, entertaining, and yet another learning experience.

If you, dear reader, decide to come along for the ride then all the better.

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