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TW was always intended as a platform and now we’re opening it up further. From today you can post articles to TriggerWarning. If you are logged in your can click on the “Add Article” link in the menu and submit your wisdom. Of course once the article is approved you will be able to edit or delete it and a list of your articles will show in your profile under “posts” meaning you link people directly to that page in your profile should you wish and have TW as your personal blog or publishing platform.

The rules are basically the rules of the site. If we’re not going to allow your post we’ll tell you why. What we promise is to adhere wherever possible to our charter and never let people get you “cancelled” because they don’t like your opinion. Obviously if you’re directly inciting hatred and violence we’ll probably bin you anyway. But within our rules? We’ve got your back.

Keep it legal, make sure it’s your own work, and post away safe in the knowledge we aren’t going to let you get cancelled by some virtue signalling oddball with a cancel fixation.

It might take us a day or so but once we have approved posts they will automatically appear on the front page. As it grows we will start adding sub-categories as required.



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  1. Down the road, about 70 miles from you. Netflix and Amazon Prime, yeah, need ’em to stay sane. Youtube has vast subject matter areas: I’ve gone through phases where I’ll watch mountain-climbing and National Park videos for a while, then shift to crime series videos, many, many sports videos of yesteryear, etc., etc…. All this virus and radical street protest shitshow bullshit is tiresome asshattery of the highest order. And there are far too many fucking vertical videos that show up in the mix.

  2. I log on..look at CHAZ/CHOP/BHAZ….makes me feel normal!
    I also am fed up to the teeth with screaming kids having tantrums and destroying stuff.
    Luckily i can always beat up Trisha to make me feel better.

  3. Nature will out. Viruses will spread, no matter what we do.
    Socialism has failed us. The center cannot hold.
    Darwin was right. We are going extinct.
    Better to burn out, than to fade away.
    Rage! Rage! Don’t go quietly.

  4. Netflix and the like are Bread and Circuses and programming to keep your mind off whats really going on.
    Kill your TV and get out of the house and discover nature.
    Take off your shoes and socks and connect to the earth, great on the beach even in freezing winter.

  5. I will rebuild my LL blog here as of now, as you may know, I was banned as of Nov 5th. I was a charter member at Ogrish in ’97, then at the forum mostly, where the real LL was.
    As you can see, not getting a premium account HAS been best long term as it wouldn’t have mattered anyway.
    Ever since a certain group seized the internet, it’s been this way.
    JUST because it was monetized.

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