He's laughing because he can't believe he's doing so well either.
He's laughing because he can't believe he's doing so well either.

This article deals predominately with English politics but the core is applicable elsewhere too, and it's all too common. There will also be some colourful language and no small amount of ranting. If this is likely to offend you then it's probably a case of like it or lump it, sorry!

Right then, let's start with a very simple quick. I will ask some questions and I want you to answer truthfully. Ready? Then let's begin.

  1. If I were to say to you I have concerns about our current immigration policies would that make you think I was a racist?
  2. If I were to say to you I have concerns about the negative effects on our culture and way of life that other imported cultures can have on us would that make you think I was racist?
  3. Do you think political parties such as UKIP or Britain First should be banned or at the very least not allowed the freedom to publicise their views?
  4. Do you think it's reasonable to accuse all the people who voted UKIP as being racists?
  5. Do you like to think of yourself as a liberal person?

Nice and easy, yes? Now if you answered 'Yes' to one or more of the question up to number four then answered yes to number 5  you are exactly the person I wanted to talk to because, and I hope you take this in the way it's intended, you're a fucking moron. Now let me explain exactly why.

First of all I want to address your moronic notion that you're a liberal person. Yes you might really love multiculturalism even to the point you ignore any negative aspects whatsoever, yes you might only buy fair trade coffee and chances are some of your best friends are black / gay / transgender (delete as applicable) but if you think silencing people for their opinions, even if those opinions are based in ignorance, is reasonable you're not liberal. There's nothing liberal about you, if there was you'd realise the price of freedom, the price of being allowed to have free thought, is that occasionally you're going to hear opinions that make you spit out that mouthfull of green tea you're enjoying and there's not a damn thing you can (or should be able to) do about it. Being liberal means accepting other people deserve freedom of thought and the freedom to voice their opinion, it means you cherish those freedoms and encourage them. You don't silence them with a campaign of vicious and often slanderous comments.

Have you stopped to think for a moment that you're pushing people towards parties like UKIP? The more you belittle and attack people for having honest concerns over immigration the more you make them feel victimised, the more you make them feel backed into a corner and you can bet your last Quorn sausage they'll turn towards whoever says "It's okay, I get it". Do you honestly believe someone who has valid concerns about how their environment is changing really needs hatred? Is that going to change their mind, is that going to help in any way? Of course not, but it makes YOU feel better knowing you're dishing out the dirt to someone YOU have decided is a racist.

Nazi? No way, I buy fair trade coffee and have a gay friend so I'm definitely a liberal. Sure I think we should burn SOME books but my liberal friends agree so it's cool.
Nazi? No way, I buy fair trade coffee and have a gay friend so I'm definitely a liberal. Sure I think we should burn SOME books but my liberal friends agree so it's cool.

Would I vote UKIP? No, of course not. I realise there are massive issues with our immigration policy and its impact on our country. I'm not stupid enough to believe you can force acceptance with attacks. And nor would I ever dream of voting for a party who would effectively dismantle the NHS given the chance or do away with silly, unecessary things such as maternity leave. But the thing is many of the people voting for them feel like there's nowhere else to turn. The major parties ignore them and they're attacked on all sides by people who call themselves 'liberals' yet prove to be every bit as appealing as some Britain First moron posting messages informing us as to how muslims are coming here, taking our jobs, shagging our children, and claiming income support. If anything those people, the genuine racists, are less damaging to our country because they don't drive others into feeling the only party they can vote for is one which voices their concerns but is effectively the political equivalent of a knife wielding, clown shoe wearing, blind man at a special needs school's disco. Sure, his guide dog is friendly and he says things you want to hear but if we're really honest you should probably keep your distance.

So have a think before you join the neurotic masses on Twitter deriding everyone who perhaps thinks Islam is having undue influence on their culture or that poor immigration practice is changing their world faster than they can cope with. What they need is understanding and what you need to understand is you cannot, and never will be able to, demand acceptance. Time and education will do it and you can be damn sure treating these people, people who for the most part are every day, normal people who would be horrified to think of themselves as racist, with some fucking humanity instead of treating yourself to another bout of ego masturbation.

In closing I would like to address something to anyone reading this who did vote for UKIP. Have you really checked their manifesto? They aren't a protest vote, they're some pretty hateful people. Not as in racist (although racism and bigotry most assuredly is fairly rife from what we've seen) but hateful towards the people of this country given what they would dismantle and destroy. Do you honestly think we should cut immigration and spend the difference on our military?

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